The Truth About Israel

When Moses was about to usher the Jewish people into the Promised Land for the first time, the seven Canaanite nations were living there. Moses sent spies into Israel to ascertain how best to conquer the Land.

But, although the spies were princes of the Jewish nation, all but two of them returned reporting that the land could not be conquered! According to these spies, the inhabitants of the land were simply too big, too strong and too many for the Jews. The spies failed to understand or trust that regardless of the military might of the Canaanite nations, G-d could and would fulfill His promise and bring the Jewish people into full possession of the Land of Israel.

This lack of trust in G-dís promise was considered a grave sin.

Today, thousands of years later, it is no accident that we find ourselves in a very similar position. We now have a choice. We can repeat the mistakes of the past, or put our trust in G-d and allow Him to fulfill His eternal promise to the Jewish people.