The Truth About Israel

The mitzva of mezuzah is a special G-d-given form of protection – as our Sages say, the house is guarded by it. Even more than this, the protection afforded by a kosher mezuzoh on the doorpost of the home extends to the members of one’s household even when they are away from home, as the Torah states, “G-d will guard your going and your coming from now on, and forever.” (Tehillim 121:8)

Our Sages have explained that the name of G-d written on the mezuzoh, Sha-dai, is an acronym for the words that mean “the One who guards the doors of Israel.”

Since all Jews are united with one another, just as the parts of a body are unified by being parts of one complete being, the mezuzoh’s G-dly protection extends beyond one’s individual household. Every kosher mezuzoh placed in a doorway of a single Jewish house strengthens the security of all Jews, wherever they may be.

(The Rebbe, September 1976)

If you don't yet have a mezuzah, get one now ! If you already do have one, it may be time to have it checked to ensure that the words on the parchment have not faded. Click here for more information about this special mitzvah.